Train, Place and Engage (TPE)

iTalenty strives to drastically improve the quality of Information Technology (IT) talent placement in companies by deploying suitable training, placement and engagement. 

Engagement is facilitated by the mentoring and coaching experts. is a Singapore based company founded in 2021. We aspire to improve the quality of IT placement and have better deployment of resources to meet every companies needs.

By aligning the mismatch between competency skills and available jobs through training the structurally unemployed individuals and ensuring competency in terms of industry standards as well as taking into account every company's unique culture to create a wholesome and efficient working environment.
To be the Top Talent Engagement and Empowerment Agency in Asia
Building the Supportive, Sustainable and Evolving IT Talent Communities with a Strong Belief in Continuous Learning to Impact the Quality of Lives
Positive Attitude
Lifelong Learning
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Why iTalenty?

Technology is indispensable to the modern company today. Functions such as communication, document handling, and security and backups. All of these and much more require the computer — and the hardware, software, and expertise to use it. And this means relying on Information-Technology (IT) expertise. Big companies are able to maintain large well-equipped IT departments. But how does the small and micro-company, anywhere in the world, cope? In fact, small companies face several problems here.

Firstly, technology changes far too quickly for most people to follow. Even the best IT professional in the world may slowly lose his edge. How do you, a small company, stay relevant? How do you ensure your IT professional stays current, at the least in the technologies your company employs?

Secondly, technology change means your IT hardware and software become obsolete with time. How does a small company keep up?

Thirdly, IT often exists in a silo of its own. Few people from outside the IT industry speak the language of IT. Few junior and mid-level IT professionals speak the language of business generally and the language of your industry specifically. How do you ensure your IT and non-IT people are communicating well (which helps to reduce turnover)? When you hire a new IT professional to take over one who’s leaving, how do you ensure proper handover and takeover?

Finally, IT professionals are human too. How do you provide opportunities to them to grow professionally and keep them engaged over the years they spend with you?

This is where we come in

Today, we cope; necessity is the mother of invention. But we can be doing a lot better — and iTalenty Consulting has a solution that does, indeed, do a lot better without being expensive. Our solution is effective, easy to implement, and cost-competitive to attain.

Our solution involved life-long learning: Training, Coaching and Mentoring Services so that your IT Professional is able to learn quickly on-the-job, get access to the relevant knowledge and certifications, or upgrade himself. And it involves access to our IT practitioners, experts who can quickly advise you on the IT solutions your company needs.

You do not have to employ more IT Professionals. You get only the IT hardware and the software you need, you pay only for the services you require, no more and no less. Tell us what you need (We offer consultations) and provide a customised, practical, short-term or long-term solution built for a small company.

Competitive Rates

We are able to offer a varied range of services at cost-competitive rates because we are THREE companies in ONE.

1. We are both a Talent Engagement Agency (not just your traditional recruitment agency) and an IT Training Centre: We Train, Place, Mentor and Coach IT professionals. We are building a 'Talent Community' to ensure both quantity (talent pipeline numbers) and quality (talent knowledge and skills). Our goal is to have the Right Talent at the Right Time at the Right Place at the Right Remunerations.

2. We are a customised IT solutions Provider: We provide tailor-made IT solutions, ie Hardware, software and services to small companies.

We focus on your IT needs so that you can focus on what you do best.

Top IT Placement

Plan, Deploy and Manage Security Solutions like Firewall, Endpoint. Monitor and Track for Security Breaches. 

IT Support Engineer

Provide IT Support to Help End Users to Overcome their Operational and Functional Challenges

IT Manager

Design, Plan, Deploy and Manage IT infrastructure for Companies

Cloud Engineer

Design, Build, Manage and Optimize Cloud Infrastructure

IT System Consultant

Understand Customer Business Neesds and Requirement and Translate it into Viable Technological Solutions.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Our strategies assist businesses to Plan, Expand and Optimize their Market Reach

Data Analyst

Deliver Meaningful, Visual Presentable Information from Big Unstructured Raw Data, which can translate into Pivotal Business Strategies and Tactics

Web Designer

Develop and Maintain SEO Optimized, Mobile Responsive and Fast Loading Website

Meet the Team

For Experts, By Experts

Founder of Win-Pro Consultancy Pte Ltd; Ronald Soh has been in the IT business for over 28 years and is committed to empowering businesses through IT.

Jim Wee has been in the recruitment industry for 11 years. He strives to impact lives by matching talented workers with the right employers.

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