iTalenty strives to drastically improve the quality of Information Technology (IT) talent placement in companies by developing suitable training, mentoring and coaching experts

IT Training Courses

Digital literacy and computer skills are amongst the top in-demand skills in Singapore. Talents are able to boost their employability and improve their skill set by gaining valuable knowledge with our IT courses

IT Recruitment Services

Strategically scout for high-calibre candidates to fill in IT related job openings through methodical and meticulous process in extensive reliable social networks.

IT Outsourcing Services

Talents will be well equipped with the vast technical knowledge of IT products and services. To keep abreast of the latest technologies, they will be mentored and coached regularly to stay competent and motivated. Talents will be able to select the right technologies and tools to advance companies to higher heights.

IT Mentoring Services

Supporting the goals of talents and their professional development further into their career.

IT Career Coaching Services

Whether an individual is landing their new job or switching careers, career coaches are essential in making informed decisions.

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