IT Mentoring Services

Supporting the goals of talents and their professional development further into their career

Having the support of a mentor can help employees feel more fulfilled in in their roles and provides them the guidance they need to achieve their career goals and milestones.

Mentors can help the mentee heighten their skills competency to be able to tackle challenges more efficiently.

A great mentor is a great giver. They will always share their train of thoughts on how they derive more effective decision making. They will also share their personal proven tips as well as industry well-established practices.

It is always best to develop a in-house mentorship programme. This will involve in designing the mentoring roadmap to succuss. For the success of this programme, all mentors have to play a part in the decision making process for the standard operating procedures (SOP), guidelines, rules and policies. A set of KPI are needed to be identify and enforce for this programme. Next, we will also need to select the most suitable mentor to each mentee, based on their communication styles, personality and working values. We can also provide the services to help you to put in place this mentoring programme in your organization..

At times, this is not possible. Fro example, a new IT manager can have a mentor in the organization. But, it is mainly to align the organizational culture and values. However, the mentor with the skill proficiency cannot be found in the organization. In this situtation, the organization will engage an outsourced mentor with the desired skill competency for the mentee. The engagement period can be between 3 months to 12 months. In some instances, it can be converted to coaching services. This is a very natural process, as the employee is proficient in the job. next, a good employee will want to progress and learn more to move up the organization.     

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