IT Outsourcing Services

Leveraging on external talents and resources to deliver tools and technology for companies to advance business to greater heights

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IT Outsourcing is the most effective use of external service providers to deliver IT-enabled business process, application service and infrastructure solutions for the favorable business outcomes.
Ultimately, IT Outsourcing helps business to cut costs, improve the time to "Go To Market" and leverage on the external parties resources.

Management are always pondering on which parts of their information technology (IT) function should be outsourced and which should be kept in-house usually ask themselves, The real question is does the particular IT operation provide a clear strategic advantage or is it a function that does not differentiate us from our competitors? If the function is a core strategic service, they keep it in-house. If it is a commodity—especially one that a supplier claims to be able to provide for less money than the company’s IT department can—they outsource it.

For IT outsourced services, we can classified it as IT managed services, IT deployment services and Outsourced Chief Technology Officer (CTO) services . IT Managed Services covers routine maintenance servicing and daily IT helpdesk for operation support. For major rollout of IT services or replacement for IT hardware, business will consider to take up the outsourced IT deployment services to help and assist their in-house IT manager. Lastly, most companies operate with just the CEO or COO only. They might not have their own CTO. In this case, they will consider to engage the CTO-as-a-service before they plan the budget for the following year. In some cases, the CTO is brought into the business to design, plan and project manage the major infrastructure upgrade. 

For business that struggled to hire IT talents, should consider IT outsourcing services as one of their viable alternative. In doing so, they can focus on the core competency and strive for excellence in their own of field of expertise.

Win-Pro is the fast growing IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) that can proactively manage, monitor and maintain IT infrastructure. To keep the system fully operational,  it is imperative to perform weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly system maintenance checklist for high availability and early detection of failure. As operational downtime is highly disruptive to any business workflow, therefore the IT Maintenance Services Singapore are crucial and important part of any business to perform in their optimum state. 

Our Outsourced IT Support Services can helps to overcome daily IT challenges faster and better. It is passionately served by skilled and experienced engineers. On top of that, all service requests and telephone calls are logged for quality control to improve service levels. We provide both onsite field services and remote services.

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